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Our professional surveyors have the ability to identify the presence of condensation caused damp problems and provide you with an effective and accurate solution

Condensation damp can be noticed in situations where there is visual evidence of your windows dripping with water. You may find this in the morning when you get out of bed and walk into the bathroom, or have been out of the house through the day and come home to find condensation on the internal side of your windows.

If the above applies to yourself then have the telltale signs of condensation issues. If left without acting on these signs, the condensation will eventually lead to more damaging problems to your property such as:

  • Peeling Wallpaper

  • Black Mould on the Walls

  • Damp Patches on your walls

The above symptoms will created infected areas in your home and can result in damage to your brickwork, potent and stale odours and also the prospect of harming the health of anyone living in the property.

Why is condensation damp such a common problem?

Condensation is a common problem, mainly because modern homes are nearly always insulated by double glazed windows, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation ? although these are all important to have in your property, it also means that moisture cannot escape. This leads to the moisture settling on cold areas of your house, such as walls and windows.

Easy Damp can ensure that your condensation damp problems are dealt with effectively and professionally as we offer fully trained technicians that have your best interests in mind.

Our damp technicians have the experience and the knowledge to perform a bespoke course of treatment whilst undertaking all work in a respectful and clean manner along with demonstrating an environmentally friendly process.

The following areas are particularly prone to condensation:

  • Cold surfaces such as mirrors, single glazed windows (above) and metal window frames.

  • Kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Walls of unheated rooms.

  • Cold corners of rooms.

  • Wardrobes/cupboards and behind furniture against an outside wall.

  • How to tackle condensation dampness

Contact Easy Damp today for a full diagnosis and treatment of condensation damp

With over 20 years experience in the damp proofing industry we have developed a vast portfolio of customers who have received a more than satisfactory service. That is why a high percentage of our work comes from recommendations from homeowners who have benefited from our work that has been carried out to the very highest standards.

Our company is committed to providing not only a highly effective and professional solution to damp problems, it is also backed up by the very best standards of customer service and satisfaction.

To speak to an industry professional today simply call us on 0161 667 1535.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Condensation damp can be seen when your windows drip with water, typically noticed in the morning or after being away from home. Signs include condensation on the internal side of windows, peeling wallpaper, black mold on walls, and damp patches on walls.

If not addressed, condensation damp can cause damage to your property, such as peeling wallpaper, black mold on walls, and damp patches. It can also create infected areas, damage brickwork, cause potent odors, and potentially harm the health of residents.

Condensation is common in modern homes due to the insulation used, which prevents moisture from escaping. As a result, moisture settles on cold areas like walls and windows, leading to condensation damp issues.

Easy Damp offers effective and professional treatment for condensation damp, performed by fully trained technicians. They provide a bespoke course of treatment while working in a respectful, clean, and environmentally friendly manner.

Cold surfaces like mirrors, single glazed windows, and metal window frames, as well as kitchens and bathrooms, walls of unheated rooms, cold corners of rooms, and spaces behind furniture against an outside wall are particularly prone to condensation.

To tackle condensation dampness, you can contact Easy Damp for a full diagnosis and treatment. They have over 20 years of experience in the damp proofing industry, with a high percentage of their work coming from satisfied customer recommendations.

Helen Burroughs
Helen Burroughs
From start to finish, Chris and Hayley have been amazing. Supporting my survey, supplying extra information needed from my lender and conducting the works on my new home. They are so understanding about the stressful nature about buying a home, the cost it takes for some of the works and the best ways to explain to the customer the benefits, and costs over a longer period. Lee also was amazing, him and the guys conducted our works, but he called to clarify, and even checked when i was available after they had finished the works to meet me in person and go through the next steps ie, how i go about painting etc after the works had been done and gave his person details for any questions i may have. Guys, thank you all so much for all your hard work and support and for anyone needing, these are the business you choose. Personal, honest, understanding and hardworking!
Michael Sweeney
Michael Sweeney
Very informative and professional. We Can’t thank Hayley and Chris enough for all their help and support. Our problem is solved. I’d recommend Easydamp to all friends and family. Very professional in every way.
Katie Burroughs
Katie Burroughs
Impeccable service throughout and really supported the documents needed for our lender. Will be continuing to use them to conduct the works at the property and recommend them to everyone that’s needs their services! Thanks Hayley and Chris. Really supported me through buying my first house and what’s needed.
Excellent fast service from Easy Damp. Friendly, professional, competent, well turned out work force. highly recommended.
Adam Hewitt
Adam Hewitt
Fast and professional service from a friendly team. Initial survey of our house was booked and done very soon after initial call, with a thorough look round and then a recommendation to install some units to help with the damp and mold problem. The actual installation was arranged within just a few days, and done in a matter of a couple of hours by a team of 3 who were friendly, explained what they were doing and why, kept things clean and tidy by putting down protective sheets, hoovered up afterwards, and did a spot of plastering to fill some gaps around one of the new units to leave a neater finish. Too soon to say it's solved the underlying problem but the signs are good and the sensor we having in the house is already showing relative humidity down under 60% which it hasn't done before, after just 24 hours or so. Recommended.
Nicola White
Nicola White
Had damp issues with my front wall ( terrace) and had a few companies come out and try to solve the problem to which the damp was still coming in when they'd left. Chris and his team came out and went above and beyond for me and solved the problem. Can't recommend these guys enough, thanks for all your hard work
Hazel Doolan
Hazel Doolan
Really great service. All the staff were really friendly and they completed the work really quickly and thoroughly. Well worth the money
Would 100% recommend. Hayley was super helpful and always prompt with emails. Great work from Lee and Dane who came to do some plastering work and install some new fans! Thanks!
Steve Dungworth
Steve Dungworth
I am very pleased with service provided by Damp Easy. From the moment I contacted them for a consultancy to the final delivery of their services, they have consistently exceeded my expectations. The team at Damp Easy is not only responsive but also exceptionally friendly. They listened attentively to my concerns regarding damp and mould issues in my property and provided expert advice that put my mind at ease. They provided a detailed quote promptly but also delivered their services within the promised timescales. In fact, the work was completed within just a week of my acceptance of the quote. The lads working on-site were absolutely brilliant. Their dedication and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of their work. What's more, they had a positive and friendly attitude that never failed to make me smile. It's rare to find a team that not only excels in their work but also adds a touch of warmth to the process. Even when a minor issue cropped up, Damp Easy dealt with it promptly and amicably. In today's world, where damp and mould issues are all too common, Damp Easy provided me with the peace of mind I needed. Thank you, Damp Easy, for a job well done!
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