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Easy Damp are nationwide specialists in cellar conversions and cellar waterproofing and have been providing a quality service for over twenty years.

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Easy Damp is a specialist in the art of transforming dark and damp cellar areas into vibrant, functional, and livable spaces, making it a top choice among property owners seeking cellar conversions.

Easy Damp focuses its operations mainly in the Manchester and Northwest region, but often travel nationwide for those clients that are looking for a single contractor to manage and provide a turn-key cellar conversion. With over 15 years of experience in this specialist trade, we are guaranteed to exceed all expectations.

Cellars are commonly relegated to storage spaces, but the presence of damp can damage belongings and foster mold growth. Fortunately, Easy Damp's cellar conversions provide effective solutions, turning these neglected spaces into new bathrooms, offices, cinemas, gyms, and more, all supported by their extensive experience in the industry.

Our team of tradesmen are time-served professionals, that get the job done quickly and efficiently. In most instances, planning permission is not required, so we often aim completion within 6 to 8 weeks, making it a convenient and hassle-free choice for property owners seeking to revamp their cellars into functional and attractive areas.

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No cellar is too dark!

Easy Damp specialises in turning dark and gloomy cellars into beautiful, warm, and inviting living spaces. With our expertise and creative solutions, we can transform your cellar into a functional and aesthetically pleasing area that adds value to your property. Say goodbye to the damp and unwelcoming space and welcome a new, vibrant living space that you'll love to spend time in.


Cellars, being partially or completely underground, often face damp-related issues, even if they haven't experienced flooding. There are a number of ways of waterproofing a basement, but for a solution that guarantees against water ingress is a Type-C Waterproofing System, this system creates an internal cavity within the structure which is then pump and processed to an external nearby drain, a solution guarantee to manage water ingress effectively.

Prior to installation, it's crucial to obtain approval from Building Control for the chosen system during the cellar conversion process, ensuring a well-protected and habitable living space.

Lowering the Cellar Floor

Lowering the cellar floor to create sufficient headroom is a possibility, but it requires careful consideration. This operation is not without complexities, and one must assess potential risks such as undermining the house or neighbouring house foundations, as well as the possibility of the floor ending up below the water table, which could increase the property's vulnerability to flooding.
The clear headroom over the stair should be at least 2m, for some cellar conversions the building regulations allow a reduced headroom of 1.9m over the centre of the stair and 1.8m on the outside edge.


In some cases, cellars may already have suitable stepped access, but whether the existing stairs are appropriate for a habitable room requires assessment by building control. If there are no steps or the existing ones are inadequate, we will install a new stair for your convenience.

Choosing the optimal location for the stairs requires careful consideration, taking into account factors such as the layout of the existing house and cellar, available headroom, and the possibility of providing a secondary means of escape from the cellar area.

Regardless of the stairs' location, they will be designed in accordance with the provided guidance to ensure safety and functionality.
Requirements for the Stairs
Stairs Pitch: The maximum pitch for the stairs should not exceed 42 degrees.

Rise and Going: The maximum rise of each tread of a domestic stair should not exceed 220mm and the going should be at least 220mm.

Handrails and Balustrades: The stairs should be provided with a handrail at least 900mm high. Any exposed edges of stairs or landings should be provided with a balustrade that is at least 900mm high.

Fire Precautions

The cellar will need to be provided with suitable escape routes in case of a fire. If your cellar has a porthole-type window to the outside to provide light and ventilation, it may be possible to upgrade this. Doing this not only provides light and ventilation to the room but also a secondary fire escape.

To be considered as a secondary fire escape it would need to be fitted with a door or window that has a clear area of at least 0.33m2 and 450mm wide. To form a room suitable for habitation, then an escape route has to be installed.?Special fire escape hinges should be fitted to this window or door to ensure that it can be fully opened if you ever need it and you should be able to easily climb up from the light well to ground level.

When converting a cellar mains operated smoke detection will need to be installed, and these detection units will have to be installed to other floor levels if there are no such devices.

Fire doors and frames will be required to seal the cellar either at the top or the bottom of the stairs. In older properties there may be a featured door at the top of the cellar, in this case the fire door can be installed at the bottom of the stairs.
The Ceiling
Unless your existing cellar has an adequate ceiling you will need to provide one as part of your conversion. Plasterboard is the most common material used for ceilings as it offers good fire resistance and flame spread properties. Ceilings will need to offer 1 hour fire protection.

If either your cellar or the room above is to be used as a bedroom you will need to install 100mm of acoustic quilt within the floor void between the rooms.


To optimise the usability of your newly transformed living space, it's essential to address the heating provision. Our team will carefully assess the positioning and capacity of your current heating source to determine its suitability for cellar heating. A popular choice among our clients is water underfloor heating, which can be installed during the cellar floor construction process. This efficient option offers low energy requirements and enhances the possibility of integrating it with your existing heating system, ultimately keeping your costs at a minimum.

In cases where extending the existing system is not feasible or if you prefer alternative heating methods such as electric panel heaters, thoughtful planning is crucial to ensure their efficient functioning. Proper consideration should be given to how these alternative heaters can be switched and controlled to optimise their performance.


Electrical alterations are often necessary during the conversion process. Depending on the condition and age of your existing electrical system, extending circuits might be possible, but sometimes new circuits and a distribution board will be needed. It's crucial to seek advice from a competent electrician early on. When choosing an electrician, make sure they can provide BS7671 test certificates upon completing the installation, as these are essential for obtaining your Building Regulations Completion Certificate. Failure to provide the test certificates may result in additional costs.


When planning the conversion of your cellar, consider the room's intended use carefully. Whether it's a sink, bathroom, shower room, or washing machine you wish to include, drainage must be a primary consideration from the outset. Typically, the drains are positioned above the level of the appliances you want to install, necessitating the use of a pumped drainage system. Thankfully, various package systems are available to cater to your specific needs.


To optimise room usability, it is recommended to explore the installation of heating options, with extending the current central heating system often proving to be the most effective solution. Consulting a plumber or heating engineer is vital to ensure your boiler and pump can handle additional radiators. Incorporating thermostatic valves in the new radiators will provide better temperature control.

In situations where extending the existing system is not practical or if alternative heating methods like electric panel heaters are preferred, careful planning is essential to ensure their efficiency. Thoughtful consideration should be given to the switching and control mechanisms for these heaters to maximise their performance and energy-saving potential.

Thermal Insulation

In today's environmentally conscious world, reducing CO2 emissions is crucial, especially during cellar conversions. To achieve this, a high level of insulation is essential to create an insulated envelope that minimizes heat escape. Insulating boards line the walls and floor of the cellar, while the windows should incorporate 24mm double glazing units with low emissivity glass. Beyond insulation, efficiency in services is equally vital.

Opt for low-energy light fittings and ensure any new heating systems operate with high efficiency, complemented by suitable thermostats and controls. By incorporating these measures, your cellar conversion can contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment.
Transforming a cellar into a captivating living space provides valuable additional room within your home. Before beginning the conversion process, it's essential to envision your desired outcome for the space.

At Easy Damp, we often encounter potential clients seeking cellar conversions who gather estimates from multiple contractors. While obtaining quotes is wise, we recommend having detailed plans and a well-designed system with specified materials to ensure accurate like-for-like quotations. Opting solely based on price can lead to unforeseen issues, especially when dealing with damp or building regulation compliance, which might not be apparent to non-experts in cellar conversions.

To address these concerns, Easy Damp offers a comprehensive design service, providing tailored plans and material specifications for your conversion. You can then use these details to obtain further quotations, ensuring a smooth and successful cellar transformation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cellar conversions have become increasingly popular due to the need for more space and high property costs. Converting your cellar can provide additional living space and add value to your property.

The local building control officer oversees and visits habitable cellar conversions to ensure they comply with Building Regulations. Non-compliance can affect the entire project, potential house sales, and even safety.

Consider factors such as flooding history, access, headroom, intended use, escape routes, ventilation, and more. Resolving these issues can determine if your cellar is suitable for conversion.

Lowering the cellar floor is possible but complex. It requires consideration of foundation stability and water table levels. Expert analysis is crucial to avoid structural problems or vulnerability to flooding.

Existing stairs' suitability, location, pitch, rise and going measurements, headroom, handrails, balustrades, and fire precautions are essential factors when installing or modifying cellar stairs.

It's recommended to have detailed plans and specifications to obtain accurate "like for like" quotations. Easy Damp offers a design service to assist you in this aspect.

Helen Burroughs
Helen Burroughs
From start to finish, Chris and Hayley have been amazing. Supporting my survey, supplying extra information needed from my lender and conducting the works on my new home. They are so understanding about the stressful nature about buying a home, the cost it takes for some of the works and the best ways to explain to the customer the benefits, and costs over a longer period. Lee also was amazing, him and the guys conducted our works, but he called to clarify, and even checked when i was available after they had finished the works to meet me in person and go through the next steps ie, how i go about painting etc after the works had been done and gave his person details for any questions i may have. Guys, thank you all so much for all your hard work and support and for anyone needing, these are the business you choose. Personal, honest, understanding and hardworking!
Michael Sweeney
Michael Sweeney
Very informative and professional. We Can’t thank Hayley and Chris enough for all their help and support. Our problem is solved. I’d recommend Easydamp to all friends and family. Very professional in every way.
Katie Burroughs
Katie Burroughs
Impeccable service throughout and really supported the documents needed for our lender. Will be continuing to use them to conduct the works at the property and recommend them to everyone that’s needs their services! Thanks Hayley and Chris. Really supported me through buying my first house and what’s needed.
Excellent fast service from Easy Damp. Friendly, professional, competent, well turned out work force. highly recommended.
Adam Hewitt
Adam Hewitt
Fast and professional service from a friendly team. Initial survey of our house was booked and done very soon after initial call, with a thorough look round and then a recommendation to install some units to help with the damp and mold problem. The actual installation was arranged within just a few days, and done in a matter of a couple of hours by a team of 3 who were friendly, explained what they were doing and why, kept things clean and tidy by putting down protective sheets, hoovered up afterwards, and did a spot of plastering to fill some gaps around one of the new units to leave a neater finish. Too soon to say it's solved the underlying problem but the signs are good and the sensor we having in the house is already showing relative humidity down under 60% which it hasn't done before, after just 24 hours or so. Recommended.
Nicola White
Nicola White
Had damp issues with my front wall ( terrace) and had a few companies come out and try to solve the problem to which the damp was still coming in when they'd left. Chris and his team came out and went above and beyond for me and solved the problem. Can't recommend these guys enough, thanks for all your hard work
Hazel Doolan
Hazel Doolan
Really great service. All the staff were really friendly and they completed the work really quickly and thoroughly. Well worth the money
Would 100% recommend. Hayley was super helpful and always prompt with emails. Great work from Lee and Dane who came to do some plastering work and install some new fans! Thanks!
Steve Dungworth
Steve Dungworth
I am very pleased with service provided by Damp Easy. From the moment I contacted them for a consultancy to the final delivery of their services, they have consistently exceeded my expectations. The team at Damp Easy is not only responsive but also exceptionally friendly. They listened attentively to my concerns regarding damp and mould issues in my property and provided expert advice that put my mind at ease. They provided a detailed quote promptly but also delivered their services within the promised timescales. In fact, the work was completed within just a week of my acceptance of the quote. The lads working on-site were absolutely brilliant. Their dedication and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of their work. What's more, they had a positive and friendly attitude that never failed to make me smile. It's rare to find a team that not only excels in their work but also adds a touch of warmth to the process. Even when a minor issue cropped up, Damp Easy dealt with it promptly and amicably. In today's world, where damp and mould issues are all too common, Damp Easy provided me with the peace of mind I needed. Thank you, Damp Easy, for a job well done!
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