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Lateral Damp

Our experienced surveyors excel in identifying lateral damp problems and can provide accurate and efficient solutions to tackle the issue.

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Lateral penetrating damp is a specific and often misdiagnosed damp problem that primarily affects lower floors, cellars, and basements of properties. At Easy Damp, we are experts in resolving all types of damp issues, including this particularly challenging form of dampness.

What is Lateral Penetrating Damp?

Lateral penetrating damp occurs when the ground level is higher than the damp proof course (DPC) in a building. This allows water to penetrate the walls below the current level of protection, leading to damp issues in the lower areas of the property. It is commonly found in homes built on sloping ground or those with cellars or basements, as these spaces are sunk deep into the ground, making their structural walls susceptible to lateral damp ingress.

Distinguishing Lateral Penetrating Damp from Other Types of Damp

It is crucial to differentiate lateral penetrating damp from other forms of damp, such as rising damp or regular penetrating damp, as each type requires a specific solution. Unlike rising damp, which is drawn upwards through the wall by capillary action, lateral penetrating damp enters the walls from the side, below the DPC level. This can be caused by wet soil resting against the wall, wet decking adjoining the wall joint, or rubble left against the exterior.

Identifying Lateral Penetrating Damp

The first signs of lateral penetrating damp are often discolouration and a damp feeling on the lower walls. In more severe cases, you may notice a clear tide mark on the plaster. If you have a cellar or basement, it is essential to check these areas regularly for these symptoms. Additionally, wet or rotting skirting boards along the floor line, cold walls to the touch, and the presence of mould due to condensation are all indicators of lateral penetrating damp.

Resolving Lateral Penetrating Damp with Easy Damp

At Easy Damp, we employ a specialised approach to resolving lateral penetrating damp issues. Our solution involves a Structural Water Proofing (tanking) system, which involves stripping the plaster back to the bare wall and then installing a waterproofing system.

Our tanking system consists of applying coats of a cementitious slurry and bonding agent to waterproof the affected wall(s). This method is particularly effective for damp-proofing basements or individual walls affected by lateral penetrating damp.

Why Choose Easy Damp?

With years of experience in the damp resolution industry, Easy Damp is your trusted partner for identifying and resolving lateral penetrating damp issues. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art techniques and products to ensure a long-lasting solution tailored to your specific damp problem.

Don't let lateral penetrating damp compromise the structural integrity and livability of your property. Contact Easy Damp today for a professional assessment and effective resolution of your damp issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lateral penetrating damp is a type of dampness that occurs when ground-level water infiltrates the walls of a building below the damp-proof course (DPC). This commonly affects lower floors, cellars, and basements, leading to damp issues in these areas.

Unlike rising damp, which moves upwards through capillary action, lateral penetrating damp enters the walls horizontally from the side, below the DPC level. Signs include discolouration and dampness on lower walls, tide marks on plaster, wet skirting boards, cold walls, and mould growth due to condensation.

Lateral penetrating damp is often caused by factors such as higher ground levels than the DPC, wet soil against walls, wet decking adjoining wall joints, or rubble left against exteriors. Properties built on sloping ground or with cellars/basements are particularly susceptible.

At Easy Damp, we utilise a specialised Structural Waterproofing (tanking) system to address lateral penetrating damp problems. This involves stripping plaster back to the bare wall and applying waterproofing materials such as cementitious slurry and bonding agents to create a barrier against damp ingress.

With years of expertise in damp diagnosis and remedial services, Easy Damp offers tailored solutions using state-of-the-art techniques and products. Our team of experts ensures effective resolution, safeguarding your property's structural integrity and livability.

Simply contact Easy Damp today for a professional assessment of your lateral penetrating damp problems. Our team will provide expert guidance and recommend the most suitable course of action to address your specific damp concerns effectively.

Helen Burroughs
Helen Burroughs
From start to finish, Chris and Hayley have been amazing. Supporting my survey, supplying extra information needed from my lender and conducting the works on my new home. They are so understanding about the stressful nature about buying a home, the cost it takes for some of the works and the best ways to explain to the customer the benefits, and costs over a longer period. Lee also was amazing, him and the guys conducted our works, but he called to clarify, and even checked when i was available after they had finished the works to meet me in person and go through the next steps ie, how i go about painting etc after the works had been done and gave his person details for any questions i may have. Guys, thank you all so much for all your hard work and support and for anyone needing, these are the business you choose. Personal, honest, understanding and hardworking!
Michael Sweeney
Michael Sweeney
Very informative and professional. We Can’t thank Hayley and Chris enough for all their help and support. Our problem is solved. I’d recommend Easydamp to all friends and family. Very professional in every way.
Katie Burroughs
Katie Burroughs
Impeccable service throughout and really supported the documents needed for our lender. Will be continuing to use them to conduct the works at the property and recommend them to everyone that’s needs their services! Thanks Hayley and Chris. Really supported me through buying my first house and what’s needed.
Excellent fast service from Easy Damp. Friendly, professional, competent, well turned out work force. highly recommended.
Adam Hewitt
Adam Hewitt
Fast and professional service from a friendly team. Initial survey of our house was booked and done very soon after initial call, with a thorough look round and then a recommendation to install some units to help with the damp and mold problem. The actual installation was arranged within just a few days, and done in a matter of a couple of hours by a team of 3 who were friendly, explained what they were doing and why, kept things clean and tidy by putting down protective sheets, hoovered up afterwards, and did a spot of plastering to fill some gaps around one of the new units to leave a neater finish. Too soon to say it's solved the underlying problem but the signs are good and the sensor we having in the house is already showing relative humidity down under 60% which it hasn't done before, after just 24 hours or so. Recommended.
Nicola White
Nicola White
Had damp issues with my front wall ( terrace) and had a few companies come out and try to solve the problem to which the damp was still coming in when they'd left. Chris and his team came out and went above and beyond for me and solved the problem. Can't recommend these guys enough, thanks for all your hard work
Hazel Doolan
Hazel Doolan
Really great service. All the staff were really friendly and they completed the work really quickly and thoroughly. Well worth the money
Would 100% recommend. Hayley was super helpful and always prompt with emails. Great work from Lee and Dane who came to do some plastering work and install some new fans! Thanks!
Steve Dungworth
Steve Dungworth
I am very pleased with service provided by Damp Easy. From the moment I contacted them for a consultancy to the final delivery of their services, they have consistently exceeded my expectations. The team at Damp Easy is not only responsive but also exceptionally friendly. They listened attentively to my concerns regarding damp and mould issues in my property and provided expert advice that put my mind at ease. They provided a detailed quote promptly but also delivered their services within the promised timescales. In fact, the work was completed within just a week of my acceptance of the quote. The lads working on-site were absolutely brilliant. Their dedication and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of their work. What's more, they had a positive and friendly attitude that never failed to make me smile. It's rare to find a team that not only excels in their work but also adds a touch of warmth to the process. Even when a minor issue cropped up, Damp Easy dealt with it promptly and amicably. In today's world, where damp and mould issues are all too common, Damp Easy provided me with the peace of mind I needed. Thank you, Damp Easy, for a job well done!
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